May 4 2020

Install Jigsaw + TailwindCSS + AlpineJS

A quick guide to setting up a clean version of Jigsaw, Tailwind CSS, PurgeCSS and Alpine JS.

Aug 30 2019

Simplify WordPress Cron with a custom class

If you have ever added your own WordPress Cron task you might have noticed how clunky and error-prone the process is. This custom class takes the pain out of creating WordPress Cron jobs.

Aug 18 2019

How to deploy your Laravel app to Digital Ocean using Laravel Forge

I've outlined every step including screenshots for setting up a Laravel website using Laravel Forge and Digital Ocean.

Jul 15 2019

Add responsive navigation menu to your Gatsby Tailwind CSS site

If you've installed Tailwind CSS on your GatsbyJS site not using a starter, chances are your main navigation menu is not responsive. Here's a quick and easy way to make your menu responsive.

Jul 1 2019

Install Gatsby with Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS from Scratch

These days, I start every project by installing Tailwind CSS. My GatbsyJS projects are no exception. In this post I explain how to install Gatsby, Tailwind CSS and PurgeCSS to shrink the size of the overall Tailwind CSS file.

Jun 28 2019

Pluck multiple values from a Laravel Collection

If you've ever tried to use pluck() to retrieve multiple attributes from a Laravel Collection you've probably been super frustrated to know it's not possible. Here's how to accomplish the same thing.

Jun 27 2019

An excellent searchable podcast directory

A quick way to find ALL of the podcasts discussing any topic or tech you're interested in!

Jan 27 2018

Deploy your plugin to the WordPress.org SVN plugin repository from your GitHub repository

Here's how to deploy your plugin which you developed on Github to the WordPress.org SVN repository.

Jan 3 2018

Use WP CLI to Bulk Delete Thousands of WooCommerce Products

Have a ton of WooCommerce products in your Trash and the [Empty Trash] button keeps timing-out on you? No worries, use the WordPress CLI tool to bulk delete your posts or products quickly.

Dec 7 2017

A collection of free repeatable SVG background patterns

Dozens repeatable SVG background patterns you can use for free!

Dec 4 2017

Properly display line breaks from a <textarea> using Blade

Need to display your new lines inside a <textarea> form element? Here's a simple solution.

Dec 2 2017

Call the_content filter once and only once

Did you know that your the_content filter is being called multiple times? Here's how to ensure your filter function is called once.